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It's Not The Same
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* Written by Bailey / McDonald
* Released by Polydor
* Produced by Salaam Remi

Latest News

REMIX – Make that a re-record, Mick O’Callaghan

What started as a simple remix of this album quickly turned into a total overhaul! After spending time with this gorgeous songwriter and generally lovely man it was clear that it wasn’t just the production that Mick wasn’t happy with so a few weeks and I’ve been replaying acoustic and electric guitars, ukelele, bass, percussion, writing string parts, singing backing vocals and recording live drums and…

SOLO TRACKS – London, vintage vibes and live takes

Songwriting is a craft, it’s really hard to cheat a great song in that you can’t just read a book one week and the next week you’re smashing out classic tunes! You have to put the hours in, you have to make mistakes, do more than the 10,000 hours potentially needed to really find your style and vibe although everyone’s different of course. But even then when you go to write – you never really quite know what might come out? Noel Gallagher refers to going songwriting as…

NEW STUDIO – East Street Sounds

Where has the year gone? We’ve been busy building things from new songs, backing tracks to a new studio home in Oxfordshire! Studio B is up-and-running which is a converted outbuilding that’s a great, vibey mix and writing room. Only 45 mins from London with great transport links, some cool pro gear and it’s away from any distractions. Give us a shout if you want to check it out. And in other news…

About Us

We love what we do! Music seeps into all the cracks. Whether we are working on our own projects or working with artists we always bring that with us. In writing sessions we often found ourselves talking to new people like old friends. A lot of those people have now become old friends and those old friends have told us they always walk away happy and always with a new song.

A song created by all of us with a little bit of all of us in it. We try to create something which pushes onwards. We like to innovate. We like to create something which lives in the now but carries the old in it’s pocket. A nod to all the greatness in the past while still staring into the distance in front of us. We begin with melody. Melody is king. Everything else follows but this is where it begins. Since melody is King lyrics can only be Queen. We then work on every inch and moment of a song until it’s seen in it’s best light. Shining like a national guitar.