BBC RADIO 2 – Thank you Sir Terry Wogan!

BBC Radio 2

Well I always say a good song is a good song irrespective of where it comes from or who’s backing it? Kat Eaton is no exception to this rule as her recent single Giving It Up, that we co-wrote and co-produced, has recently been getting plays on BBC Radio 2 (debut spin by Sir Terry Wogan) and actually play-listed, along with the likes of James Bay, on BBC Radio London!

And what’s inspiring is that this has all been done on a budget, without the support of label or management but just powered by a great singer with a solid band and a strong song with a little help from a radio plugging / mix team who believed in it.  She’s getting great reviews and it’s only a matter of time before a label snaps her up so check out the single here or get your copy on iTunes – it’s out now!!!