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Artist Name - Track Name
* Written by Eaton / Atkinson / DaRosa-McDonald
* Co-produced by DaRosa-McDonald / mixed by Neros
* Engineered by JP Pilon (@WAX Studios)


Giving It Up (Radio Mix) KAT EATON
Too Long To Be Loved KB
It's Not The Same
It's Not The Same LIAM BAILEY
Diamonds In My Pocket AVAILABLE

Music: Songs

Here are a few examples of songs that we’ve co-written that have been released, played on national radio or TV.  As you’ll here each track is different but that’s because each artist is different.  However, what joins these together is the emphasis on a leading melody and a thought provoking lyric.  Click on the player above to have a listen and click on the CONTACT link at the top of the page to book in a writing session.