SOLO TRACKS – London, vintage vibes and live takes

Songwriting is a craft, it’s really hard to cheat a great song in that you can’t just read a book one week and the next week you’re smashing out classic tunes!  You have to put the hours in, you have to make mistakes, do more than the 10,000 hours potentially needed to really find your style and vibe although everyone’s different of course.  But even then when you go to write – you never really quite know what might come out?  Noel Gallagher refers to going songwriting as “going fishing. There are songs and they’re all just flowing through the river of life, and your guitar is a fishing rod and some days you get a catch, some days you don’t.”

We’re the same in many ways as we write in lots of different styles and constantly coming up with song ideas which means there’s a choice in the process, “is this for me or someone else?”  And what’s happened is that the list of solo songs grows, they start to form a body of work so the only right thing to do is to record them!!  Rod’s been in the studio tracking some new singles at Buffalo Studio in London, the “old skool” way, all live through a vintage Trident 65 Series desk.  This is with a new Oxfordshire line up, drums, bass, two guitars and backing vocals – it’s sounding big!  These have just been finished, produced and mixed by Rod so details on release plans to follow.

Chris has also been busy collating his solo tracks and has started to record.  It’s another creative outlet that just needs to flow, to get it out and down on tape but sometimes it’s funny how writing sessions with others influences our solo work – from a new reference sent to listen to or an a new idea of a song that’s a break from the old.  More news to follow on the new solo tracks – will upload some private links for you soon maybe? 😉