SUMMER SESSIONS – It’s getting hot in here!

WAX Studios

Hope you’re all seeing the sun a little more than we are at the moment but it’s hotting up in WAX Studios lately?  We’ve had back-to-back writing sessions with some fantastic artists this month including LyricL, Eliza Jaye, Damon Valentine, Jamie Smart and more.  I’m feeling particularly appreciative today for how lucky we are to do what do as if, for example, we worked on the line in a car factory… a)  we know nothing about putting cars together b)  everyday would be the same and we wouldn’t be involved in such a random, creative, emotional process such as creating music c)  Chris is pretty clumsy so he might be in danger of losing a finger or two if he had to use heavy machinery everyday? However, what’s even more rewarding than just capturing a lyric, an emotion and a melody in finishing a song, is actually hearing the final produced recording of your original vision for the track. At WAX Studios we can do this too – the live space has that vibe, it’s like a “toy shop” of creativity that’s more than bricks, mortar and music gear but it’s a place that makes you want to be creative.  I put this down to the studio founder – producer/engineer/musician, Robert Strauss – who’s love of great musicianship, Motown grooves and creative collaboration has given this place the “old-skool” community vibe that it has.  The place feels real and it brings like minded musicians and creatives together. If you’d like to get a writing session in or come and see the studio then get in touch at the top of the page or email .  Look forward to hearing from you soon!