YOU GOT SOUL? – Singles and secret Sony sessions!

Can’t believe that it’s April, 2015 already – how did that happen?  It’s been non-stop in the studio which means less time to update you all but some exciting things happening of late including a recent session with the fantastic, Natalie Duncan.  Previously signed to DECCA she’s just released a new solo EP but has been in with us at WAX for a writing session.  Sometimes, and it’s difficult to predict when, a little bit of magic happens in the studio – this was one of those sessions.  We finished a track called Closer that she’s currently been closing her live set with.  She also shot a live video at the studio so more of that to come.

KAT EATON – has also been in the studio cutting her next single.  This track, Giving It Up, we co-wrote and produced at WAX studios.  Great band, soulful singer and one of our favourite choons of late so really excited about this one – can’t wait to hear the finished mix!

SONY’s SECRET – and yes, the clue’s in the title so we can’t say who but we’ve been writing for a brand new artist signed to SONY (publishing) who’s got a voice that would make Marvin Gaye smile!  There have been some inspiring moments on these co-writing sessions that’s really influenced our own writing and production.  We’ve done 9 tracks now and produced a few of these early demos that sound great – will be revealing who this mystery artist is and let you hear some choons as soon as we’re given the green light! 😉